Public Hearing on M1 Light Industrial zoning amendment to Reconvene on January 15, 2018

Amendment to the M-1 Light Industrial Zone

The Public Hearing regarding the proposed amendment to the M-1 Light Industrial zone which began on December 4, 2017 has been adjourned to reconvene at the regular meeting on January 15, 2018, at 7:00pm in Council Chambers, to provide District staff with additional time to consult with property owners that may be impacted by the proposed change and obtain their feedback on the new options for Council’s consideration.

The following four options were presented to Council during the Public Hearing which had been reconvened on December 18, 2017, they included:

  1. Remove offices as a principal use. Continue to permit offices as accessory to the principal use.
  2. Add new restrictions on principal offices uses. This option would limit principal office uses to 50% of the floor area of the building containing them. This would permit existing and future buildings to provide a portion of office-only space in their buildings. Offices would also continue to be permitted as accessory to the principal use on the property.
  3. Remove offices as a principal use but introduce a new permitted use: Offices for mine-support business. This would permit principal office uses where the business in question serves the mining industry.
  4. Do nothing. Leave offices as a principal use in the Light Industrial zone.

If you have any questions or would like to share your comments with staff (to be submitted to Council) on any of the above proposed options, please contact the Planning Department at:

Jeremy Johnston
Planning Assistant

Nelson Wight
Manager of Planning

The staff report from the November 6, 2017 Council meeting can be viewed here.

The staff report from the December 4, 2017 Council meeting can be viewed here.

A previous blog post for the public hearing can be reviewed here.

More information from the public hearing can be viewed here.

A report outlining the additional feedback received shall be included in the January 15, 2018 Council agenda package which shall be available for download by 4pm on January 12, 2018 at

Written submissions can be sent to the above contacts or no later than 10:00am on January 15, 2018 to ensure their availability to Council when the Public Hearing reconvenes. All submissions must include your name and street address and are considered public information, pursuant to the Freedom of Information and Protection of Privacy Act.

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