Do you know where your property line is?

The District of Sparwood is asking residents to avoid encroaching onto District greenbelts and parkland.

Our predecessors who laid out the residential areas in Sparwood were very thoughtful in providing greenbelts, buffers, pedestrian linkages and park space so that many houses are not back to back and a trail network can be developed. These are aspects of our community to be treasured, as they do not exist in most places where developers would have been reluctant to give up land where another lot could be created.  These public spaces form great connectivity for pathways and trails, accessible from the back door. 

Over the many years where these spaces exist, there has been a gradual creep by adjacent lot owners into that public space. An encroachment means any type of object or item of personal property which exists on or extends from a person’s premises onto public lands. This includes, but is not limited to fences, accessory buildings, fire pits, vehicles, and recreational vehicles.

We are asking everyone who rents or owns property in the District of Sparwood to be aware of their property lines and, if encroaching, to voluntarily come into compliance by July 1, 2017.

Contact our office if you are concerned about your property or visit for more information.