Property for Sale

The District of Sparwood is offering the property located at 156 Spruce Avenue, Sparwood for sale at a reduced price of $299,000.00.
The building is owned by the Municipality and was most recently used as the District’s Engineering office. It is single-story construction totalling approximately 2,966 sq ft including a garage, parking spaces, wheelchair access and is currently zoned institutional. As a condition of the sales agreement, the District will undertake a rezoning to C-1 Commercial if required. The building is post and glulam beam construction, offering the most flexibility for redevelopment. Additional documentation is available upon request and site tours will be welcomed.
The location of this building in close proximity to the Centennial Square business area and Highway 3 make it a prime candidate for a restaurant operation, or combination of restaurant and office space or other uses permitted within the C-1 zone. A mixed live/work concept could also be proposed.
  • Proposals may incorporate a mixed use development
  • Proposals may include suggestions for incorporation of District own lands in the vicinity, for landscaping, amenity space and parking
  • All proposals are subject to the successful rezoning of the property, if necessary
Legal Description: Lot 18, DL 4589 Plan 7008 PID: 012-334-227
Council of the District of Sparwood reserves the right to give consideration to the proposal that they deem, in their sole discretion, to be in the best interests of the District. The highest, nor any offer may be accepted.
The asking price for the property is $299,000.00 and may be presented after the second publication of this notice.
For further information please contact:
Terry Melcer
Chief Administrative Officer

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