Knowing the District's regulations can help you avoid costly municipal and provincial fines

Sometimes residents may choose to act in a manner which you might feel is offensive and unneighbourly (e.g. noisy parties, parking on front lawns, accumulation of weeds or garbage in yards). Please keep in mind that there will always be occasional and unavoidable neighbourhood inconveniences. They are a part of community living and generally require a reasonable level of community understanding and tolerance. However, excessive and continual activities that disturb or negatively affect the enjoyment and livability of neighbourhoods need not be tolerated by anyone.

The best way to deal with neighbourhood problems is for residents to discuss their concerns with one another and work together to arrive at an acceptable solution. Complaining to a neighbour or receiving a complaint may be a difficult and awkward situation for some people; however, such action can develop and strengthen neighbour relations. Often neighbours are simply not aware that a situation is bothering other neighbours and are more than happy to resolve the concern once it is brought to their attention.

If communication between neighbours is not successful or possible, you may then wish to contact the District for assistance through the enforcement of municipal bylaws. You can contact the Bylaw Enforcement Officer at 250.425.6820, by email, or online.