Since 1999, the BC Arts Council has been fostering awareness of the vital role that arts and culture plays in all aspects of our lives through the sponsorship of BC Arts and Culture Week 

Arts and Culture Week takes place in April each year and relies on your participation to be a success.

Participating in arts programs and activities not only provides students with the discipline and creativity to enhance their learning - schools with strong arts programs cite improved attendance and student motivation, renewed community participation and increased graduation rates - but also gives them a strong foundation for enriching their lives.

In Sparwood, the weeklong event is kicked off with “A Taste of Sparwood” at Greenwood Mall where one can sample savoury treats from vendors and take pleasure in the free entertainment.  The Sparwood Arts & Heritage Council organizes the event which also includes an art and craft auction, craft and bake sales, face painting and more. 

Check our Community Events Calendar to find out what is happening around town this year or contact Rose Sharma from the at 250.425.6900.