Arts, culture and heritage activities in Sparwood

Arts, culture and heritage activities in Sparwood make a difference in the lives of residents.  The Community and Facility Services department develops vibrant and dynamic cultural programs as well as supports cultural organizations.  With our partners we aim to make Sparwood a creative community and a vibrant place of discovery, learning and exploration for all residents and visitors.

Come see what's happening around town!

Participate in one of the various cooking, music, dance, or photography classes.

Art Programs

Centennial Square is the heart of the town.

Centennial Square

Live music, food trucks, fresh produce and baked goods, handmade goodies, art, jewellery and much more.

Farmers Market

Explore Sparwood’s history from its start as a whistle stop in the late 1800s till today!


Visit the Sparwood Public Library at 110 Pine Avenue for a variety of reading materials and programs.


The museum is home to pictures and artifacts and has an ongoing oral history program.


There a number of places to worship in Sparwood for people of different faiths.

Places of Worship