The District of Sparwood is committed to open and transparent government, including improved quantity of records available online and for providing easy access to information and records

Protecting citizens' of Sparwood privacy and safeguarding their personal information is the District of Sparwood’s highest priority. Respecting individuals right to privacy is an important part of the District’s commitment to delivering quality services in a responsible manner. The Freedom of Information and Protection of Privacy Act (FOIPPA) is a law that has been present in British Columbia since 1993.  This Act defines what kinds of information can be collected or controlled by public bodies in British Columbia.  The act also defines the rights you have in regards to privacy, such as the right to access public records and the right of protection of privacy of your personal information in the control of a public body.

Under Freedom of Information and Protection of Privacy Bylaw 1143, 2014 the Corporate Officer is designated as the Head for the purpose of applying the provisions of the Act and anyone wishing information under this provincial statute is encouraged to call contact staff at 250.425.6271 or at

The Confidentiality and Privacy Policy ensures that personal information is protected and that the District of Sparwood’s practices and procedures are compliant with the Personal Information Protection Act  (PIPA) and the provisions of the FOIPPA.