The District of Sparwood operates and maintains two cemeteries in Sparwood, Elk Valley (Michel) Cemetery and Rivercrest Cemetery, offering traditional in ground burial for both casket and cremated remains.

Additional options for cremated remains include columbaria (above ground wall structure) and a memorial wall available at the Rivercrest Cemetery.

We work with families to honour the final wishes of those that have passed before us.  We believe that a cemetery is a place for the living to remember lives lived in a park-like, peaceful setting.

Cemetery Hours

The Elk Valley (Michel) and Rivercrest Cemeteries are open from sunrise to sunset each day and closed during darkness hours.  Any person in the cemetery outside of these hours without special permission may be subject to a fine.

The Elk Valley (Michel) Cemetery is located at 405 Michel Creek Road and is open from sunrise to sunset.

Elk Valley (Michel) Cemetery

The Rivercrest Cemetery is located on the east side of Highway 43 just north of the entrance to Sparwood Heights and is open from sunrise to sunset.
Rivercrest Cemetery
District staff provide support, guidance and expert advice throughout the decision making process.

Memorial Options

Schedule of interment and memorial fees.


Make a special gift in memory of a loved one who has passed away