Everyone loves to save money!

There are a lot of programs available for new home construction and renovations, below are some links to District, BC Hydro and Fortis rebate programs.  

  • Builders are encouraged to participate in Sparwood’s Energy Efficiency Incentive Program.

    For homes that achieve EnerGuide 80 or better, Sparwood will rebate 50% of the building permit fees and 100% of the energy audit fees. That incentive, combined with the incentives from BC Hydro could add up to significant savings for a typical new home.

    If you have any questions about either of these changes, please contact Nelson Wight, Manager of Planning at nwight@sparwood.ca or 250.425.6271

  • Smart New Home Program - Set your development apart by making it Power Smart. Incentives for builders, developers and builder-owners

    Rebates & Savings - Check out programs and offers to help you save on the envergy-efficient appliances, lighting and electronics

  • Rebates & Offers - A wide variety of programs are available for consumers including water heating systems, appliances and assessments

    New Home Program - In collaboration with BC Hydro Power Smart, our New Home Program encourages you to build energy-efficient homes. And better yet, you can select the rebates best suited for your development.