There a number of places to worship in Sparwood for people of different faiths

Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints

1301 Ponderosa Drive, Sparwood, BC, V0B 2G2
(T) 250.425.0523

Jehovah Witnesses’ Kingdom Hall

6593 Savarie Frontage Road, Sparwood, BC, V0B 2G3
(T) 250.425.2772

Mountainside Community Church

1381 Ponderosa Drive, Sparwood, BC, V0B 2G2
(T) 250.425.2887 or 250.423.4112 (in Fernie)

Sparwood Christian Centre

436 Pine Avenue, Sparwood, BC, V0B 2G0
(T) 250.425.7787

St. Michael’s Catholic Church

158 Hemlock Road, Box 167, Sparwood, BC, V0B 2G0
(T) 250.425.2327 or 250.425.6444 (Rectory)
(F) 250.425.2333