Improved energy efficiency helps B.C.'s households, businesses and institutions save money, be more competitive and have a better quality of life

It is also the cleanest way to meet increasing demand for energy, so is good for our natural environment and is one of the lowest-cost ways to reduce B.C.’s greenhouse gas emissions.

Energy Efficiency Incentive Program

Builders are encouraged to participate in Sparwood’s Energy Efficiency Incentive Program. For homes that achieve EnerGuide 80 or better, Sparwood will rebate 50% of the building permit fees and 100% of the energy audit fees. That incentive, combined with the incentives from BC Hydro could add up to significant savings for a typical new home.

For tips, advice and programs that help you boost the energy efficiency of your home and save money, click here.

BC Hydro New Construction Program & Energy Efficiency

Power Smart offers financial incentives, resources and technical assistance to building owners, developers and the design industry to create high-performance, energy-efficient buildings. For more information call 1-866-522-4713.

The Power Smart New Home Program will set your development apart by building to a high standard in energy efficiency.  Click here to learn about other savings and rebates you may be eligible for.

FortisBC Energy Rebate Centre for Business

Upgrading to high efficiency technologies and taking advantage of business rebates is easier than ever with the Energy Rebate Centre - your one stop shop for energy savings.

In collaboration with BC Hydro Power Smart, FortisBC's New Home Program encourages you to build energy-efficient homes. And better yet, you can select the rebates best suited for your development.

FREE Energy Assessments for small and medium sized businesses

Small and medium sized businesses in Sparwood may be eligible to receive a free energy efficiency assessement through the Business Energy Advisor (BEA) program, an initiative funded by BC Hydro and FortisBC.

A BEA can identify ways that your business can take advantage of available BC Hydro and FortisBC incentives to implement energy efficiency solutions that will help you save money on your electricity and gas bill.

To be eligible, small and medium businesses should have a commercial BC Hydro account and should not have a BC Hydro Key Account Manager.  It is recommended that businesses inquire to determine their eligibility so that they can receive a visit from the BEA when they pass through Sparwood.  To do so, you can either:

Home based businesses are not eligible due to the requirement for a commercial BC Hydro account.